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Makerspace Creation Lab

Makerspace Creation Lab is a class for students who love to create, experiment, invent, imagine, tinker, explore, design, or build! Each week a variety of different materials, supplies, and tools will be provided along with an activity or project that will allow students to do the things they love to do! Makerspace Creation Lab is also for students who may struggle to know where to start or feel overwhelmed when projects don’t have specific steps because it allows them to explore ideas and materials with others, develop their creative and critical thinking skills and build their self confidence as they try new ideas and succeed! Sometimes students will work individually, other times they will work in pairs or groups, to brainstorm, investigate, strategize, design and problem-solve in order to complete activities while also working on important skills such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution and perseverance.
Makerspace Creation lab integrates subjects including art, science, social studies, math, music, engineering, language arts, and technology, into a class full of exciting hands-on activities, projects, and challenges that will keep your student engaged, creating and learning all while having fun!


2-5 and 4-8

Tiena Thacker

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Tiena Thacker




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