Teacher Payment Information

Venmo Addresses


Jessica Ham   @djajham  

Alicia Holman  @AliciaHolmanPhotos

Abbey Hulsey (prefers Venmo) @Abigail-Hulsey

Helen Hunsinger   @helenhunsinger

Allison Keeling  @Allison-Keeling-1

Rebekah Nunez  @rebekahnunez

Erin Steele  @Erin-Steele-4 

Tiena Thacker  @Tiena-Thacker 

Teachers can be paid online.  All teachers accept PayPal, and some accept Venmo.  Please use the information below to send your payments. When using PayPal, please select Family and Friends or add $2 for Goods and Services.

(Note: these are not links.  You will need to copy and paste into PayPal/Venmo to send payments)

Danielle Bailey Miller   jdaniellebm@yahoo.com 

Sarah Craig   plainandtall7@hotmail.com

NeeCee Delk   Delkpiano@gmail.com

Kristy Dennis   dennisfam2000@gmail.com

Abigail Dennis   ajdennis2003@gmail.com

Julie DeVries   Jmkado@yahoo.com

Jessica Ham   djajham@gmail.com

Alicia Holman   wintergroveacademy@gmail.com 

Abbey Hulsey   paypal.me/AbbeyHulsey

Helen Hunsinger   ronhelenandlydia@gmail.com

Kevin Kaes   kevinthekaes@gmail.com

Allison Keeling   ad.keeling01@gmail.com

Jenny Liedberg   gunsmokesfancy@yahoo.com 

Tara Massey   tarajmassey@yahoo.com

Sherri Michelle Mills   smmills6@sbcglobal.net

Rebekah Nunez   rebekah.c.nunez@gmail.com

Jessie Saladino   jessiesaladino@gmail.com

Paula Semple   sweetrees6@aol.com

Erin Steele   ejeffre1@gmail.com

Diane Stokowski   www.paypal.me/momcreates

Tiena Thacker   mtthacker@bellsouth.net