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Art, Music, Drama, Science, History, Language Arts, Cooking, Soccer, Archery, and more!


Our students love exploring new interests and gaining new skills through our Monday and Wednesday classes. 


On Mondays, we offer core academic classes: history, science, and English.  Class time focuses on discussion, instruction, and hands-on activities and labs while reading and writing assignments are given to be completed at home throughout the week.  The teachers are responsible for setting the syllabus and assigning and grading the work, and the parent provides the student with structure and assistance at home.  

On Wednesdays, we offer elective and enrichment classes, like art, music, cooking, sports, and drama.  Other classes are more of an academic elective like creative writing, public speaking, etc.  These classes can be a great way to deepen and develop your child's interests and skills.

Some of our students attend classes on both days; other students come for just one day or the other.  Each day has classes offered "a la carte" so that parents and students can select exactly which classes they are looking for to supplement their homeschool program.

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