MAP Book List

Below, you will find a list of the books required for each MAP class.  More books such as novels and activity books may be added, so check back before classes begin to make sure you have everything you need.  For the textbooks, it is perfectly fine to get used copies of the books as long as the editions are correct.  If you have more than one child using the same book, they are welcome to share a copy of the textbook (they will need their own copies of the activity books or journals - these are marked with an *)

I have provided links to each book so you know which books are needed, but you are not required to purchase through those links.  Please shop around and find the best prices you can.

Grade K-2 Program

Optional at-home reading assignments will be given for those families who want to follow along with older siblings or go more in depth at home.  If so, please purchase the history and science books listed for grades 3-4. 

If you are using the K-2 program only as a one-day enrichment program and do not plan to follow along at home, you do not need to purchase any textbooks.  


Grade 3-4 Language Arts


Grade 9-10 English


Grade 9-12 Biology


Grade 5-6 History


Grade 7-8 History


Grade 10-12 British Lit & Comp


Grade 9-12 Environmental Science


Grades 3-4 Science


Grades 5-6 Science


Grade 7-8 Science


Grade 9-12 History

  • Streams of Civilization, vol. 1


Grade 9-12 Physics