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Chemistry with Apologia (MAP)

This chemistry course is designed to fill one lab science credit for high school students. The text book provides students with a firm understanding of the basics of chemistry. Some specific topics covered in this class include measurement & units, atoms & molecules, atomic structure, molecular structure, polyatomic ions and molecular geometry, stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and more. At-home work will consist of reading, answering questions, and watching lectures. In-class experiments will help students gain better understanding by measuring specific heat, discovering the electrical conductivity of compounds dissolved in water, measuring the width of a molecule, exploring freezing point depression, using the ideal gas equation, recognizing the effects of catalysts, and more. The teacher will provide grades throughout the semester and a final grade in December and May. An understanding of Algebra concepts will help in this class.



Donna Brown

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Donna Brown




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An understanding of Algebra concepts will help in this class.
Required text: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry 3rd Edition.

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