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Math with Teaching Textbooks (MAP)

This 45 minute Math class on Mondays will cover your child's core math for the year.
4th Grade - Teaching Textbooks 4
5th Grade - Teaching Textbooks 5
6th Grade - Teaching Textbooks 6
7th Grade - Teaching Textbooks 7

Class time will be used for instruction and activities, and at-home work will be assigned through Google Classrooms. Teachers will provide grades and feedback throughout the semester, and final grades will be issued in December and May. The schedule has been arranged to allow students to select the best math level for their current skills (for example: a 5th grader can easily do 5th grade math or 6th grade math). For determining the best placement for your student, please use the online placement tests. How well your child does on these placement tests will help determine if they are ready for that grade level in the curriculum.


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

Kara Smith

Your Instructor

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Kara Smith




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