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Living Wax Museum
Living Wax Museum


Monday 2021-2022 Schedule 

Monday Classes represent our core academics.  Monday Academic Program (MAP) offers academic courses taught by qualified and experienced teachers.  For grades 3-12, teachers provide instruction, interactive lessons, discussions, and activities during classtime on Mondays.  At home, students complete reading, do writing assignments, and work on projects that are assigned by the teachers.  The planning, grading, and structure is provided by the MAP teachers, but parents still fill an essential role as they help their child(ren) throughout the week to work on their assignments.  For grades K-2, we offer an all-in-one enrichment day where students will have a great hands-on, learning-filled day featuring science, history, stories, arts & crafts, sharing skills, recess, and other activities.  


How it Works

A key component to our choice of materials and curricula is integrated or cross-curricular education.  Subjects should not be studied in isolation, but rather connected through all the disciplines.  When learning about the ancient Greeks in history, high school students may read The Oydssey for literature while perhaps writing an essay comparing and contrasting the democracy of American and ancient Athens.  At the same time, elementary and middle school students will study the ancient civilizations as well - learning about the history and culture, reading historical fiction, and writing narrations and stories that tie it all together.  At home, children from all grades can talk and share about the interesting things they are learning and build on what each one is doing.  Studying the same period of history and the same discipline of science facilities conversations at home as children excitedly share what they have learned and add to their siblings' knowledge.


In order to glean the most benefit from the classes, students will be held to a high standard, and teachers will expect work to be done well and in a timely manner.  We utilize Google Classrooms for managing assignments and communication.  All students will need to be able to access and use Google Classrooms, whether using their own or a parent's email address.


Highlights of our MAP classes include a Living Wax Museum in the Fall and a Science Fair in the Spring.




Please refer to the course descriptions page for detailed descriptions about each class offered.  Below is a list of the courses offered at each level



Full Day integrated Program will include an enrichment program of science, math, social studies, stories, practical skills, recess, and arts and crafts.




Full Day Program includes social studies (Ancient History), science (From the Skies to the Seas), enrichment math, and language arts



Full Day Program includes social studies (Ancient History), science (From the Skies to the Seas), enrichment math, and language arts



Full Day Program includes social studies (Ancient History), science (General Science),  and language arts



Course Options include

World History I

English I/II OR British Literature & Composition

Environmental Science OR Biology OR Physics


Monthly Tuition includes the full day of classes and is outlined below.  The only additional required payment is the standard registration fee ($40/family), facility fee ($15/student), and a science lab fee (see course descriptions).

  • Full Day Tuition Pricing 

    • Grades K-6 $125/month

    • Grades 7-12 $155/month

  • For parents who simply want one or two classes, we do offer a la carte pricing. 

    • $30/period for grades 1-6, or $60 for a 2 period class

    • $35/period for grades 7-12

    • $65 for a 2 period class for grades 7-12 

  • Parents are expected to supply all necessary books for their students' classes.

Classes will be closed as enrollment meets capacity.  In order to save spots for full time students, we may close a la carte options earlier.  If you are interested in a closed a la carte class, we can put you on the waiting list, and you will be notified in early August if a spot is available.


Students can "cross" between grade levels as needed.