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4th-7th, 8th-12th

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Grades 4-7: In this class we plan on playing a lot of scrimmage games and doing few drills. At this age level, the kids usually have acquired the balance and coordination to play the game well, so I will focus on teaching passing strategy and how a team should work together to score goals, not solo.

Grades 8-12: With the highschool soccer class, we will spend half of the class doing drills, and the other half scrimmaging. I want each student to become a better soccer player by doing a few simple drills, but I also want to make sure they are having fun and get plenty of time to play the game. The drills in this class will not be hard, so if a student is new to soccer, no worries, everyone will have a proper introduction to the sport. So some weeks we might scrimmage for the whole class. The goal in this class is to get better at soccer, be a team player, and most importantly have fun.

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Fernando Bodie




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