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English/Language Arts (MAP)

English/Language Arts (MAP)



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This 90 minutes English Language Arts course will cover your child's core language arts for the year. In these classes, we will build strong reading comprehension strategies and learn grammar and editing skills. Additionally, students will build foundational writing skills beginning with strong sentences and moving to paragraphs and longer compositions for the older students. Literature will be chosen for its quality as children's literature as well as its connection to the historical times studied. At-home work will be assigned for students to complete during the week with parents' assistance. Teachers will provide feedback and grades throughout the semester and final grades in December and May. NOTE: care is taken to select quality literature, but we cannot guarantee that all literature will be free of inoffensive words or ideas. Nothing that will be assigned will be more than a "PG" rating in terms of language or content, and we encourage parents to read along with their students if they have any concerns or questions.

Your Instructor

Maureen Altman




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A book list will be released during the summer.
It is recommended that students who are struggling writers also take Wrestling with Writing on Wednesdays for additional support through the writing process.

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