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Public Speaking and Debate

The ability to speak accurately and appropriately in many arenas is a skill that is needed throughout our lives. Debate strengthens skills in public speaking by encouraging students to defend their position in a real-time setting, requiring them to present confidently and to speak in a persuasive tone. This class will cover many current topics and will encourage students to research well and be prepared to present from both sides of the topic. Topics will be explored from all sides but processed through a Biblical worldview. In addition to traditional debate, students will practice public speaking in a variety of formats from persuasive speeches to informative, demonstrative, entertaining and many other styles. Throughout the class, students will become both the speaker and the judge as they present in solo, small and large group teams. Students in this class will understand and practice how to prepare and present in a wide variety of topics and styles.



Paula Riobo

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Paula Riobo




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