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Printmaking/ Watercolor Class

This is a 2 semester class with printmaking the focus of the first semester and watercolor painting the focus of the second. The first semester examines multiple printmaking techniques including an introduction to intaglio plate making and printing techniques, relief plate making and printing techniques, monoprinting plate making and printing techniques, and screen printing. Students will complete projects using Gelli plates, collagraphs, silk screens, lithography, and linoleum plates. Students will also learn how to develop their artwork into a series of different editions. During the second semester students will explore materials and techniques in watercolor painting. They will work on still life and landscapes from direct observation or photographs, explore basic watercolor techniques, and learn new approaches to painting through a combination of demonstration, discussion, and experimentation.



Donna Brown

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Donna Brown




Supply Fee:



Second semester students will supply their own watercolor sets, brushes, and paper. I will provide additional materials such as masking fluid, tape, mounting supplies, salt, hair dryers, etc. Therefore, the supply fee will only be $10 per student the second semester. (Students will be provided a list of needed watercolor supplies at the end of the first semester. There are many different price points and options available for good student watercolor supplies. You will be able to purchase what works best for your student and price point. Expect to spend at least $40 on paint, brushes, and paper as a starting point.) This ownership of materials will allow them to develop their skills at home as well as in class.

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