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Physical Science (MAP)

This 90 minute class will cover your child's core science for the year and can be counted as one science credit for high school. In this course, students will be introduced to the scientific method as they apply it to the concepts studied in this class. Students will benefit from the experience of real labs and hands-on learning. Using Science Shepherd's Fundamentals of Physics curriculum, students are introduced to the general study of physics as well as to specific topics such as the scientific method, standardized measurement and data collection, matter (solids, liquids, gases), kinetic energy and potential energy, forces, mechanical equilibrium, Newton’s laws of motion, gravity, waves, sound, light, color, and radioactive physics. The text concludes with a brief history of science and scientists through a biblical worldview, as well as providing readers with some of the applications of physics that support God’s creation of the universe. An understanding of pre-Algebra concepts will help in this class. The teacher will provide grades throughout the semester and a final grade in December and May.



Donna Brown

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Fundamentals of Physics by Science Shepherd

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