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Musical Theatre

This 90 minute class will teach vocal, dance, and acting skills, culminating in a full production in the spring (2025 show title TBA). The class is shared between two teachers to provide the best instruction. Wendy Oesterle will provide the vocal training while Heather Arnold will teach the choreography. The vocal portion of the class will help students develop the vocal skills needed to participate in group and solo singing opportunities. Emphasis will be given to stylistic integrity, as well as melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic accuracy. For the dance portion of the class, students will develop dance and performance skills as they relate to musical theater dance style and using dance as a method of storytelling as it relates to musical theater. In addition to the full-scale show to be performed in the Spring, this class will perform in the fall and spring Family Nights.Tuition payments will be split: $35 to Wendy Oesterle and $35 to Heather Arnold. Parents and students will be expected to supply costume pieces, props, and set work as needed for the production.



Wendy Oesterle & Heather Arnold

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Wendy Oesterle & Heather Arnold




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This is a 2 period (90 minute) class. Students must sign up for both A and B.

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