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English II, III, IV: World Lit. and Comp. (MAP)

This course is a survey of World Literature and Composition and can be used for students high school English credit as English II, III, or IV. This class will build upon previous high school English courses and focuses on literature and informational texts, writing modes and genres, and essential conventions for reading, writing, and speaking. Students will develop an understanding of characteristics and themes unique to literature across different cultures. They will also develop an understanding of the ways the history of an area affects its literature. The literature we read will be mostly contemporary and includes works such as I Am Malala, The House on Mango Street, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Metamorphosis, The Cherry Orchard, and more. While the continued focus is expository writing in World literature, students will also demonstrate competency in argumentative and narrative genres. Students will engage in research, creative writing, and the writing process. Instruction in language conventions will occur within the context of reading, writing, and speaking.  Differentiation will be provided, and an honors option will be offered.  The teacher will provide grades and feedback throughout the year with final grades in December and May.  



Kristy Dennis

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Kristy Dennis



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A book list will be released during the summer. It is recommended that students who are struggling writers also take Writing Well on Wednesdays for additional support through the writing process.

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