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Digital Illustration II (Procreate Dreams)

Procreate dreams is a new 2D animation app from the makers of Procreate! Its powerful yet user-friendly tools make anyone an instant animator capable of crafting joyful moving artwork. With Procreate Dreams, students will find exciting new ways to express their creativity -- the best part is they don't need any animation experience to get started. This course starts from the ground up, acquainting students with the Procreate Dreams interface before diving into a series of engaging, hands-on animation projects. (Experience using the original Procreate interface is helpful, but not required. Dreams has limited drawing tools that are found in Procreate and the drawing interface is nearly identical. Many students will find that drawing in Procreate and animating in Procreate Dreams is the best of both worlds. This class however, is focused on learning Procreate Dreams and not the original Procreate app.)



Donna Brown

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Donna Brown




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Students must have : iPad, Apple Pencil, Procreate Dreams App (Procreate Dreams will not work on an android tablet). Students will find Procreate helpful as well - but it’s not required.

Procreate Dreams supports all iPads able to run iPadOS 16.

Currently (Feb 2024) A 9th Generation iPad is $329 and the 1st generation Apple Pencil is $99. (New from the Apple Store). It might be possible to find a cheaper solution. (Previous versions of iPad that work with the Apple Pencil) Some students have found compatible “pencils” on Amazon that seem to work great. (Which iPads match with which generation of pencil)

Current cost of the Procreate Dreams App - $19.99 (Feb. 2024)

Learn more about Procreate Dreams -

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