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Inventions and Inventors

Inventions and Inventors

K -3rd, 4th-8th


We’ve all thought, “I should invent something to solve that problem, or make this easier,” but what about the people who did just that?

Who invented the microwave? How does it work? What changes did it have to the way we eat? How did the invention of the steam engine impact the world? Why were toilets such an important invention? Who came up with idea the for chocolate chips?

Join us as we investigate awesome inventions, their inventors, and how their creations changed the world! We will explore great inventions and how they work like the telephone, printing press, penicillin, the airplane, computers, braille, bubble gum, the zipper, and many more. We will look at the time period surrounding each invention so we can better understand how and why there was a need for the invention and the impact it had on the world then and our lives now. We will not only explore famous inventors like Davinci, Margaret Knight, and George Washington Carver, but also lesser-known inventors, including child inventors, that have changed the world because of their perseverance, creativity, and sometimes unexpected accidents!

Each week we will discover and observe how the inventions work, deconstructing them, when possible, to look inside. Some weeks we may create our own version of the invention, others we will do hands-on activities and projects related to the invention or inventor. In addition, students will work on a project to create their own invention prototypes from basic supplies, inspired by those who took what seemed impossible and made it possible!

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Tiena Thacker

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