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Wrestling with Writing

Wrestling with Writing


6th-8th, 9th-12th

This class meets on


Writing can often be a struggle for students. They don't know how to tackle essays and reports, and often feel like giving up before they have started. We will focus on the writing process, looking at the planning, writing, reviewing and editing needed for each type of writing. Breaking these down into manageable chunks will give the students the tools to become more confident and successful in their writing.
This class will follow alongside the Monday MAP classes, and students will learn these skills as they work on essays set by their Monday English teachers.
For students not in MAP classes, there is the option to submit essays for feedback and grading. Instruction, support, and in-class practice: $30/month; Instruction, support, and in-class practice with essay feedback and grading for non-MAP students: $45/month.

Your Instructor

Maureen Altman




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