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Theatrical Production

Theatrical Production



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This class will focus on the production process from start to finish: from auditions to production. Students will learn the basics of an audition process, the rehearsal process (performance side and the technical side), and the final production. The class will present 1-3 showings of a performance of a two-act play or one-act play (depending on the school’s calendar) that will be selected by the Director and/or an Acting Showcase. This class is open to anyone interested in acting or interested in the technical side of theatre. This class will build on concepts taught in previous years, so returning students will continue to develop their acting and production skills while learning new plays and scene work. Students will need to bring a 3 ring binder for the production class. Students/Parents are responsible for providing their own costumes. Please note, some outside of class rehearsal time will be required.

Note: if students/parents commit to the class and to the production and a decision to dropout is made without an acceptable reason (medical, relocation, force majeure), a $50 fee will be owed to the instructor, the script must be surrendered to the instructor, and if the student chooses to join the class the following school year, they will be on a 1 year performance probation period and allowed to participate on the production team/backstage crew and serve as an understudy.

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Danielle Bailey Miller




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