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LEGO Building Challenge

LEGO Building Challenge



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Calling all LEGO-maniacs and kids who enjoy being creative! Each week in class, students will have fun working to complete a LEGO challenge, based on a theme or idea. The students will be given a general description of what they need to complete, but it will be up to the student to add their own imaginative touches to their creation. As their skill levels increase, students will be challenged to use more advanced building skills and pieces, including constructing simple contraptions, coding and beginning robotics. Depending on the challenge, students will work independently, in pairs, or in small groups. In addition to building, engineering, and creative skills, students will develop other important skills such as problem-solving, following directions, communication, critical thinking, and cooperation. LEGOs (so many LEGOs!) are provided for students to use in class.
*Please note - If your child has previously taken one of my LEGO classes, new challenges, construction skills, activities, coding and beginning robotics skills will be added this year to keep it interesting and exciting for returning and new students alike!

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