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History (MAP)

History (MAP)


5th-6th, 7th-8th

This class meets on


This 45 minute class on Mondays will cover your child's core social studies for the year. Using Story of the World, Volume IV, students will early Modern Times the late 1800 to present. Students will investigate the fascinating people and events from the Civil War through the Civil Rights Movement to current day. Map work and geography lessons will be included in relationship to the events studied. In-class activities will focus on comprehension and hands-on projects, games, simulations, and more to keep everyone engaged in learning. At-home work will be assigned to be completed by the students with parents' assistance. For students who are not strong readers, parents are encouraged to read the chapters aloud at home or use the companion audio book for students to listen to while they follow along in the text. Teachers will provide feedback and grades throughout the semester, and final grades will be issued in December and May.

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Tiena Thacker




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