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Study Hall / High School Waiting Area

Study Hall / High School Waiting Area



Study Hall / High School Waiting Area is provided for students who have a gap in their schedules. This makes sure students have a place to stay on campus with supervision.
Study Hall is supervised by Mandy Cowart and offered for students in grades K-12 for $15/month. Students are expcted to bring quiet activities (books, quiet games, coloring pages, homework, etc) to do while in study hall. For students in grades K-2, please limit study hall to one period in the day. For students in grades 3 and higher, you may sign up for more study hall periods but no more than 2 back-to-back.
The High School Waiting Area is provided for students who are in grades 9-12 as an alternative to study hall, if the parent chooses. High school students with a gap in their schedules may elect to use the high school waiting area, which is free of charge and monitored by the front desk staff. Again, students should bring quiet activities to keep themselves occupied during the free period. High school students may not have more than 2 periods of waiting area on a Wednesday.
When students are on campus, they must be in a class, in study hall or the waiting area, or with a parent. For the safety of everyone, we do not allow students to be unsupervised on campus.

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HS: None; SH: Mandy Cowart



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