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Government and Economics (MAP)

Government and Economics (MAP)



American Government (FALL): Explore the government of the United States from its beginning to the present with special emphasis on the Biblical pattern for government and on the U.S. Constitution using Exploring Government by Notgrass.

In class we will cover some teaching, but the majority of our time will be spent on hands-on activities and projects that will help solidify what we are learning. Class participation is a must. Homework each week will include reviewing the teaching lesson, reading the chapter, quizzes, and projects.  The majority of all assigned work will be given and turned in online via Google Classroom.  This class fulfills the ½ credit of Government needed for high school.

Economics (SPRING): Emphasizing work, wealth, and stewardship from a biblical perspective, this one-semester course covers the differences between market and command economies; the proper roles of individual consumers, producers, and the government; and more using Economics: Work & Prosperity by Abeka. In class we will cover teaching and hands-on projects.  Class participation is a must.  Homework to include reading the chapter, answering some questions, quizzes, and projects. Projects include the Game Of Life where we will walk through real life economic decisions from high school graduation through having children and retirement. The majority of all assigned work will be given online and turned in via Google Classroom. This class fulfills the ½ credit of Economics needed for high school.

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