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Study Hall

Study Hall



Study Hall is provided for students who have a gap in their schedules. This makes sure students have a place to stay on campus with supervision.
Study Hall is supervised by Mandy Cowart and offered for students in grades K-12 for $15/month. Students are expcted to bring quiet activities (books, quiet games, coloring pages, homework, etc) to do while in study hall. For students in grades K-2, please limit study hall to one period in the day. For students in grades 3 and higher, you may sign up for more study hall periods but no more than 2 back-to-back.
When students are on campus, they must be in a class, in study hall or the waiting area, or with a parent. For the safety of everyone, we do not allow students to be unsupervised on campus.

Your Instructor: 

Mandy Cowart

This class meets on: 





Supply Fee: 


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