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Welcome to Pre-Algebra! This 2-period course is designed to set the foundations for more abstract concepts explored in upper high school mathematics. Using the Teaching Textbook curriculum, individualized tutoring and exploritory activities, we will explore topics covering local Pre-Algebra standards including operations and applications within the real number system, properties of exponents, solving single-variable equations and their applications, and operating with and factoring polynomials. Basic geometric and statistics topics will be covered as well, including area, volume, coordinate-based geometry, quantitative data analysis and probability.

The curriculum used is Teaching Textbook's Pre-Algebra. Students are expected to do approximately 4 lessons per week; a test about every one to two weeks; a mid-term; and final in class. Parents will need to purchase a one year subscription to the online program which will allow students to watch instructional videos at home and complete assignments. The online program provides students with the opportunity to review lessons at home; even if a particular problem isn't solved during class, the student still can see exactly how to solve it. Weekly class time is used for hands-on activities, an interactive lecture, and practice learning new concepts. Students will keep a math notebook and turn in some classwork for grades. Homework grades are self reported. Tests are completed at home and proctored by parents.



Beatrice Marchette

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Beatrice Marchette




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Students will need an active subscription to the Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra course. Students also need a 3 ring binder to keep up with written assignments and handouts from class.

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