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Cartooning Adventures

Unleash creativity and embark on an exciting journey into the world of cartooning with our dynamic Cartooning Adventures class! Tailored for budding artists in 3rd to 8th grades, this course is designed to foster a love for drawing while honing essential artistic skills. Students will dive into the exciting process of creating unique characters that come to life on paper. They will explore various styles, shapes, and features to design their own cast of cartoon personalities. Students will learn the art of conveying emotions through characters and discover the secrets of facial expressions, body language, background, scenes, and other techniques to make cartoons tell captivating stories. They will also work to develop proficiency in using markers and understand shading, blending, and line work to add depth and dimension to illustrations. The supply fee includes a sketchbook for each student as well as other class materials such as specialized paper, markers, etc. Second Semester - TBD (under $10 unless new sketchbooks are needed)



Donna Brown

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