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STEP ONE: Review

STEP TWO: Register

STEP THREE: Pay fees

STEP FOUR: Select your classes

  • Once you have completed steps 1-3, you will receive an email from Compass Community with a link to select your classes. 

  • This link will be sent within 24 hours of registering and paying.


  • If you have any questions, please contact us at

  • If registration fees are not paid within seven days of completing a registration form, the student's registration will be discarded.


2024-2025 Compass Community Registration Fees have been adjusted due to rising costs. 

Annual registration fees remain $45 per family per year.  There is a facility and insurance fee due each semester of $30/student.  Facility/Insurance fees are capped at $120 if you have more than four children.  All fees must be paid in order to secure your child's place in class. 

For students registering for MAP classes, there is a $35 enrollment fee.

Registration and facility fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Online payments are preferred or you can pay by cash or check.

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