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Wednesday Enrichment Classes

Wednesday Enrichment Classes allow students to explore their interests and develop new skills.   Wednesdays offer classes for students in grades K4-12 that are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.  Classes are chosen "a la carte"," which means that parents can select the classes best suited for their students' needs.  We offer a large variety of classes including drama, music, archery, coding, STEM, art, dance, and more.  These enrichment classes are designed to supplement what parents are doing at home. 

Additionally, we offer some academic classes for older students like Algebra, public speaking, apologetics, etc.  These academic classes will include homework and can often be used as a credit or half credit on the high school transcript. 

Monthly tuition is paid directly to the teachers and ranges from $15-45/period. Semesterly supply fees are paid in August and January. Classes meet for 16 weeks in the fall and 16 weeks in the spring, and most classes are 45 minutes long


Wednesday Enrichment Classes allow students (grqades K4-12)  to explore their interests and develop new skills.   Wednesdays offer classes for students in grades K4-12 that are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. 

How it Works

A key component to our choice of materials and curricula is integrated or cross-curricular education.  Subjects should not be studied in isolation, but rather connected through all the disciplines.  When learning about the great minds of the Renaissance in history class, students may learn about Leonardo da Vinci and Newton's Laws in science.  In history, while learning about World War I, high school students may read All Quiet on the Western Front or selections of war poetry while writing an essay analyzing themes of war in literature.   At home, children from all grades can talk and share about the interesting things they are learning and build on what each one is doing.  Studying the same period of history and the same discipline of science facilities conversations at home as children excitedly share what they have learned and add to their siblings' knowledge.


In order to glean the most benefit from the classes, students will be held to a high standard, and teachers will expect work to be done well and in a timely manner.  We utilize Google Classrooms for managing assignments and communication.  All students will need to be able to access and use Google Classrooms, whether using their own or a parent's email address.


Highlights of our MAP classes include a Living Wax Museum in the Fall and a Science Fair in the Spring.

2024-2025 Monday Classes In Detail

2023-2024 Schedule 

2023-2024 Pricing 

Tuition is paid in 8 installments during the year (4 payments in the fall and 4 payments in the spring).

Monday classes can be taken a la carte and paid for by period.  However, for grades 2-8, we offer a package rate that includes all the core class plus recess/study hall at a discounted price.  High school classes are offered a la carte only.

Monthly Tuition includes the full day of classes and is outlined below.

  • Full Day Tuition Pricing 

    • Grades K-1 $150/payment

    • Grades 2-7 $165/payment

    • Grades 8-12 $175/payment

  • For parents who simply want one or two classes, we do offer a la carte pricing (see course descriptions for more details). 

    • Grades 2-6: $35/period or $65 for a 2 period class

    • Grades 7-8: $35/period or $70 for a 2 period class

    • Grades 9-12: $40/social studies, $70/science, $75/English

  • Parents are expected to supply all necessary books for their students' classes.

  • Additional fees and expectations include:

    • $40 Family Registration Fee​

    • $30/student Facility and Insurance Fee (paid each semester)

    • $35 MAP Enrollment Fee

    • Class supply fees paid directly to the teachers (see course descriptions)

Classes will be closed as enrollment meets capacity.  In order to save spots for full time students, we may close a la carte options earlier.  If you are interested in a closed a la carte class, we can put you on the waiting list, and you will be notified in early August if a spot is available.


Students can "cross" between grade levels as needed and as the schedule permits.

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