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A Passion for Music

Posted by [email protected] on April 15, 2019 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (11)

My Passion

by Savannah Waldrop

I’ve always had a passion for music. Ever since I could speak, I’ve felt drawn to anything involving music. When I was younger, I insisted to my parents that I was going to grow up and become famous and own a humongous golden mansion; I was only four at the time. Unfortunately, when I first got my Nintendo 3DS there wasn’t anything on it that saved music. I used to sit by the television and record videos of songs that would come on, just so I could listen to them whenever I wanted.

However, I got an iPod one year and the first thing I did was download music, of course, with help from my older brother. If you saw me, I’d usually be bopping my head to some type of music. It was all I ever thought about at that age. I’d daydream all the time about becoming famous, and I’d often think about what songs I was going to perform, what I was going to wear, and even what my mansion was going to look like.

I begged for a guitar for a long time, until I finally got one for Christmas when I was nine. I loved it and I had never been so attached to something. For a while, I didn’t take lessons; I just strummed and thought it sounded pleasant. I didn’t genuinely get into guitar until I was about 11. Sometimes I would spend hours just playing the same old simple songs. I still wouldn’t consider myself a pro or anything at guitar, but it’s something I truly enjoy doing.

Music helps me through daily complications. I feel completely content when listening to music. I tend to enjoy most types of music, even the unpopular stuff. Everything involving music interests and inspires me. It means a lot to me.